Shoe Washing Machine

shoe washing machine
  • This Machine is suitable for cleaning of cloth shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and other footwear.
  • Digital control system, easy to program time; adjusted according to different footwear strong decontamination, dis infection function effectively avoids foodwear yellowing in the cleaning process.
  • The machine applies to all kinds of footwear drying effectively avoid yellowing, fading, hardening.
  • Open plastic deformation, along with the sterilization function effectively remove shoes door, kill bacteria in shoes, so as to achieve a high degree of cleaning.
Technical Specification
  • 3 In one Washer-Extractor and Dryer is available from 15 kg to 35 kg capacity )
  • Fully Automatic Shoe Washing machine can do max 4 Pairs in 1 Cycle
  • Shoe Drying Machine , Models available from 4 Pair to 15 Pair
  • Semi Automatic Washing Machine can wash 15 pairs in 1 Hour
  • For Economical range other Premium Models are available