Carpet Washing Machines

carpet washing machine
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to operate, requires only 1-2 people on the Machine. Saves Labour and Increases the Efficiency of the Machine
  • Conveyor type band with speed controller. It can move front and back freely, hence can wash all parts of the Carpet minutely and efficiently.
  • Two rows of nozzles for rinsing, makes the carpet even More clean.
  • Water and soap chemical can be sprayed through the nozzles.
  • Three to four brushes, the brushes can move left and right, clockwise or anticlockwise freely and removes the dirt from the Carpet.
  • One cylindrical brush.
  • Flexible and adjustable height of brushes can be done, according to the carpets' thickness, automatically. No need to adjust manually.
  • PLC and Touch Screen control system available.
Technical Specification
carpet washing machine - Technical Specifications